Leaves Galore Template - Grande


Leaves Galore, an appliqué template for rotary cutting common applique shapes. The 24" long Grande template has a 4" curve and an 8" curve.  The instructions included teach you how to cut simple leaves and petals, "S" and "Z" curves, lemon-shaped leaves and vines. Use a 28mm rotary cutter to cut your applique shapes up to a dozen at once with these innovative tools.  Multifunction:  Use the wavy edge to mark and cut serpentine and scalloped edges on your quilts. The gentle curves work perfectly as marking tools for machine quilting.  Follow the soft curves with the walking foot on your sewing machine to quilt your own quilts on a domestic machine!  You will love these tools for cutting fusible and hand applique shapes and so much more! 

There are many ways to learn to use these tools!   A comprehensive book, "Rotary Cut Applique" with Leaves Galore" is available as a companion to the templates.  Free online videos can be found on my home page.  Online learning courses are also available with step by step written instructions and videos to make beautiful quilts while learning to use the tools.  Look for the SPD Block of the Month and Quilt-Along courses. A wide variety of patterns are also available on the Leaves Galore Patterns page.