Hearts and Leaves Grace True Grips are Here!

The Grace Company and Sue Pelland Designs have teamed up to to make a new style of Grace True Grips.  I have been using Grace True Grips for many years, I have never found a better product for keeping rulers from slipping when rotary cutting.  Cutting curves can be tricky at first, and slipping is a major problem without the true grips.  I use them on all my Leaves Galore and Hearts and More templates to keep the tools secure when I am cutting around the curves.  

The best part about the new Hearts and Leaves Grace true Grips is that pointed ends!  Use the grips as a pointer to quickly find  frequently used markings on your rulers.  On my straight cutting rulers, I point the leaves or hearts at the 5" marking for cutting charm squares and at the 2 1/4" marking for cutting binding strips.  What measurements do you use most?  Use the pointed ends of the Grace True Grips to easily find that line.  

When using the Hearts on my Hearts and More templates, I align the points of the heart grips on the ZERO degree marking on the Template.   Use two heart-shaped grace True Grips on each end of the Heart ruler.  

For the Leaves Galore templates,  I use the Leaf-shaped grips to point at the letter "a" on the template, the center Peak and Valley of each curve.  This allows me to quickly find the letter "a" when cutting standard leaves and lemon-shaped leaves.  

The Hearts have an orange tint and the Leaves are tinted green, allowing you to see the grip and quickly identify key markings.  You can see right through the girps,  so they  enhance the markings on your rulers.  

The Grace True Grips are colorful, fun and even more useful now that we have Orange Hearts and Green Leaves!


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