June 2020

Why Fabric Preparation Matters

FAQ Fabric Preparation:

Q: Should I wash fabrics before making a quilt?

A:  Absolutely. I am a huge proponent of washing all fabrics in your quilt. I highly recommend that you wash your fabric first before putting all the time and effort into making a fused applique quilt. 

Why? Read all about it below. Watch my FaceBook Live video about fabric preparation for more detailed information and to see it with bleeding problems with your own eyes! 

Read all about Fabric Preparation in the blog post: Fabric Preparation, June 24, 2020


Let's do a jig...a Hex-a-ma-jig!

One of my favorite types of quilts is a pieced quilt with applique accents. It doesn't take much applique to make a project special!  Today's tip is about using the Hex-a-ma-jig ruler to make a half hexie background for the Season's Greetings Wall Quilt.  I taught this class yesterday and I found out some really cool things about using the Hex-a-ma-jig ruler!