An interview with Iris Karp from Attached, Inc., aka Mistyfuse

Last week I was at the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival.  This was my first time at this regional guild show and it was a blast!  Also vending at this show was Iris Karp, the owner of Attached, Inc, the home of Mistyfuse.  I was able to get a way on Saturday afternoon to interview Iris about Mistyfuse, and two new products that I will be offering in my Website Store.  Iris has invented Bunny Paper and is now packaging MistyQs, fat quarter size precut Mistyfuse sheets to fuse your fat quarters of fabric!  

Bunny Paper is reusable paper that you can print with your computer printer, then transfer the images onto the Mistyfuse.  Again, just like my method of applique, there is no tracing!  Check out the video below to see how to use the Bunny Paper and how to reuse it many times over.  

You will also learn about MistyQs!  MistyQs are fat quarter size mistyfuse sheets.  They are the same price as Mistyfuse in a 10 yard package, but these individual sheets are precut for fusing Fat Quarters.  There is no extra charge for this convenient size package of Mistyfuse cut as MistyQs!  

You can watch the interview here or on Youtube.   Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more great videos like this one.

Do you have any questions for Iris or for me about using Mistyfuse in your quilts?  If you do use Mistyfuse, what is your favorite thing about it?  The softness?  The heat stability?  Tell us what you love about Mistyfuse or ask your questions in the comments below.  

Enjoy this happy June day!  Sue


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